Magswitch Manual Hand Lifter 235 Dual

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  • Add safety and convenience to every workstation
  • Manual On/Off, Combination Magnetic Hand lifter/sheet dragger, for all your small steel handling needs.
  • Benefits & features:
    • Simple 180 degree turn of a knob to turn the magnet ON/OFF for fast and efficient steel transport.
    • Pipe groove for transporting various size pipe.
    • Strong magnet allows transport of heavier material.
    • Shallow field magnet de-stacks thin steel
    • Pivot handle allows use as a hand lifter or sheet dragger
  • Productivity Advantage:
    • Fast pick up and transport of small steel loads.
    • No need to manhandle steel or fight magnets in moving steel.
    • More powerful – better resistance to pry off
    • One-handed operation for harder to reach parts
    • Ideal for small steel handling, dragging sheets, picking, placing & pulling parts out of burn table or handling scrap.
  • Safety Advantages:
    • Super strong magnet gives you added security in handling heavy steel.
    • No more picking up sharp or hot steel with your hands.
    • Pick, place, slide and position steel without using your fingers
  • Product # 8100821
  • Magnet strength: 213 kg (470 lbs)
  • Weight: 1.9 kg (4.3 lbs)
  • Height: 111.4 mm (4.4 inch)
  • Width: 132.8 mm (5.2 inch)
  • Length: 557.5 mm (21.9 inch)