Electrical Cable Safety Range


A breakthrough in electrocution & trip hazard risks!

The Cable Mate, Cable Buddy and Powr-Safe Magnetic Lead Holders help you reduce WHS issues in and around the workplace. Electrical safety is a paramount issue in the industry today and we can help you reduce those risks with our magnetic cable safety devices.

Patented: 2006301923

Benefits of the Cable Safety range:

  • Helps keep your floor space and work area safe and tidy, reducing the risk of slips and trips.
  • Simple application allows for simple re-routing of cables and hoses.
  • High-strength magnets hold to any magnetic steel surface
  • Protect your cables and hoses from pedestrian and machine traffic resulting in longer life
  • Assist in meeting WHS obligations to provide a safe place of work (WHS Act 2011)
  • Reduces maintenance costs.


  • Cable Mate

    Electrical Cable Safety Range
    • HDPE orange plastic adjustable strap
    • Supports multiple leads
    • Supports over 25kg*
    • Dimensions: 120mm wide x 250mm high
    • Buy 50 for $40.89 each and save 10%
    • Buy 100 for $36.80 each and save 19%
  • Cable Buddy

    Electrical Cable Safety Range
    • High visibility quick acting plastic lead clip
    • Supports multiple leads
    • Single unit supports approximately 5kg*
    • Dimensions: 30mm wide x 120mm high
    • Buy 50 for $19.60 each and save 11%
    • Buy 100 for $17.64 each and save 20%
  • Powr Safe Magnets

    Electrical Cable Safety Range
    • Supports single electrical lead up to 12kg* per unit
    • Features a high quality zinc plated magnet and a plastic insulation hook
    • Dimensions: 88mm diameter x 125mm high
    • Buy 50 for $26.73 each and save 10%
    • Buy 100 for $24.06 each and save 19%