Magswitch 90 Degree Angle 1000


The Magswitch range is available in Australia from MSA and consists of mechanical tools with the ability to turn a permanent magnetic field completely on or off with the twist of a knob.

The advantages provided by Magswitch offer significant, new capabilities in steel fabrication, lifting and handling, allowing for more efficient and safer set-ups. Magswitch technology is a game changer, challenging conventional clamping to fit up methods in all steel fabrication by forever improving the safety, productivity and efficiency of metal working operations.

Range Features:

  • Safety improvements
  • Easier handling
  • Complete ON/OFF control
  • Precise placement: no fighting against strong magnets
  • Super strong hold: let the magnets do the work
  • Exceptional hold on thin steel
  • No site wiring or power needed

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Magswitch 90 Degree Angle 1000
  • Fixed 90° welding angle
  • Incredible power & precision control
  • Unmatched versatility – adjust the magnets up and down each axis. Pre-tapped holds allow for changing of the MagSquares positioning for inside or outside angles.
  • Size for any job – big or small. Suitable for larger and heavier steel sections.
  • Use additional MagSquares for increased strength. MagSquares can also be removed from the angle for other uses.
  • Holds flat or round steel/pipe
  • Simple 180° turn of the knob for activation, deactivation and removal of debris.
  • Features the patented Magswitch® technology for complete ON/OFF control – no cleaning!
  • Non-marring hold – the Magswitch holding force increases gradually as the knob is turned, allowing for precise positioning.
  • Locking knob for added safety
  • No batteries or electricity required.

Specific Product Info

  • Product # 8100503
  • Magnet Strength / breakaway: 454 kg (1000 lbs)
  • 2:1 Shear Working Load: 67 kg (148 lbs)
  • Full Saturation Thickness: 13 mm (0.5 inch)
  • Magnetic Pole Footprint: 72 mm x 108 mm
  • Weight: 9.6 kg (21.2 lbs)
  • Height: 287 mm (11.3 inch)
  • Width: 104 mm (4.1 inch)
  • Length: 287 mm (11.3 inch)
  • Features two MagSquare 1000 magnets, each with 460 kg (1000 lb) holding force on each axis.



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