Bakery Lifting Problems Solved With Magswitch MLAY1000X4 Lifting Magnet


A large Sydney-based bakery (name withheld) recently contacted MSA regarding a problem they had with lifting large metal billets out of lathe chuck jaws in their maintenance workshop. The heavy 18+ kg billets were being transported by slings, a method which held many WHS risks:

  1. Unnecessary strain on staff as they bent at uncomfortable angles to remove the heavy billets.
  2. Risk of billet falling out of the sling due to insufficient holding surface area.
  3. Damage and wear to the slings posed a huge safety risk if they unexpectedly broke.
  4. Risk of billet falling out of the sling cradle due to it not being designed to hold a workpiece offset.


These slings would often lift between 20 – 500 kg of weight and although tested every 3-6 months, were still not considered the ‘best practice’ as manual loading of weights into the sling was still necessary.
The bakery researched the various types of lifting methods and concluded that the MAGSWITCH MLAY1000x4 heavy lifting magnet was the answer to their problems.

Bakery Lifting Magnet Solution MSA Magnet Sales Australia

The MLAY1000x4 is a switchable magnet that has been specially designed for use in workshop environments to aid in the lifting of heavy ferrous materials, with a holding strength of up to 591 kgs (1,300 lbs) with a 3:1 SWL. It is lighter and stronger than competitive shunting switchable magnets, eliminates the strain that the slings were causing the bakery workers and greatly reduces the WHS risks that the slings held.

The customer provided MSA with the justification document in which they highlighted the benefits the MLAY1000x4 held for their applications:

  • “Far less prone to damage and failure
  • Quick and easy setup and to operate
  • Can lift vertically instead of horizontally
  • Allow slings to be kept for machined work and non-ferrous handling, reduces wear and tear on the slings
  • Latest Safety two press finger latch to activate/de-activate magnet arm (prevents unintentional switched off)”


Bakery Lifting Magnet Solution MSA Magnet Sales Australia

Read the full Justification document here! 

After purchasing and installing their new Magswitch lifting magnet, the bakery workers now experience a much safer work environment, and it has increased productivity due to the decrease in time taken to lift the heavy billets.

They since have found use for the magnet loading/unloading raw materials from delivery trucks, again increasing their productivity while improving their WHS standard.

The Magswitch MLAY1000x4 is available for purchase from MSA Magnetics. Call (02) 4272 8180 or visit the MLAY1000x4 page on our website to find out more.

MSA Magswitch Lifting Magnet MLAY1000x4

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