About Us

Are you serious about safety? Looking for quick and simple solutions to the cables on your floor, or the metal contamination in your product? An easier way to lift those heavy steel sections and beams? A safer way to hold the parts in place as you weld? Perhaps you need to simply hold a door open, or secure something to a wall…the possibilities with magnets are endless, from small scale applications around the home or office to large scale installations in recycling plants and all types of factories. Our experience and ability to manufacture and design magnet solutions means that Magnet Sales Australia are fast becoming the largest and most efficient one-stop-shop for all magnet needs, big or small!

Who we are:

MSA began as a one-man operation in the early 1990's, by our owner, who has extensive experience in the magnet industry dating back many decades, and has since grown the organisation into a team of approximately 10 dynamic and focussed people, who all share the same passion and commitment to increase the safety and efficiency of your everyday workplace practises and provide exceptional customer service, high-quality solutions for any applications.

We are serious about safety and protecting our ever-growing client base, which is why we are continuously looking to improve our range of magnetic tools to allow you to perform your day-to-day tasks in much simpler, safer & efficient ways. Detailed safety instructions are provided with every MSA product.

What we do:

Magnet Sales Australia are experienced manufacturers and suppliers of industrial magnets for welding, lifting and fabrication applications. Our wide range of solutions include magnets for electrical safety, magnetic sweepers, overbelt magnetic separators for conveyor applications, lifting and holding magnets, rare earth magnets, Magswitch magnets and much more. We love working on projects where a magnet solution needs to be found in manufacturing applications! That's what makes MSA so valuable to our client base.

We have recently become a national distributor for the range of high-quality Magswitch tools. Magswitch technology allows more efficient, faster and safer set up for work holding and lifting in the steel fabrication industry. We are committed to making the Magswitch experience the most trusted and efficient, with a level of customer service dealers have never before experienced in Australia. These unique products offer significant advantages and new capabilities in steel fabrication and handling.

Our Services:

  • Obligation free quotes
  • High level of before, during, and after-sales service
  • On-site inspection of lifting magnet, magnetic separation and magnetic tool applications (if required. Conditions may apply).
  • Experienced application of magnetic solutions
  • Fast, efficient deliveries Australia wide

Where can you buy our magnets and solutions?

You can purchase directly from our head office located in Unanderra NSW (contact details here), through this website, or through the large number of resellers across the country.

What our customers say:

We constantly receive responses from our happy customers... We are sorry we can't put them all down... here are just a few! (Names withheld for confidentiality reasons)

"Your response and assistance to our enquiry has been amazing. What great service. Really appreciated guys. Thank you" – Reseller, Perth WA

"Fastest delivery from any magnet company I've ever bought from in 25 years. Awesome work, keep it up" – Engineering company, Sydney NSW

"It's great to speak with someone who knows what they are on about and have the ideas we need. Really appreciate your help" - Door Manufacturer, Melbourne VIC